Welcome to Southern California Arabic Language Teachers' Council

The Southern California Arabic Language Teacher’s Council (SCALTC) is a pilot project funded by Qatar Foundation International and hosted by the California World Language Project at Occidental College.  

The goal of the project is to support the teaching of Arabic in Southern California and to provide Arabic language educators from a variety of institutions K-16, private and public, full time and weekend school with a forum to

  • Meet, network, share resources and ideas.

    Assist schools that would like to start new programs.Reach out to communities and educate them about the Arabic language and culture.And advocate for Arabic language and culture programs in the schools. SCALTC led by an  Executive Committee that  represents a wide variety of institutions and regions at public and private elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities as well as non-profit and public service organizations

  • يسر مجلس معلمي اللغة العربية لجنوب كاليفورنيا 
      دعوتكم لحضور ورشة عمل

  • موعدنا في أيلول ٢٠١٩م


 the Southern California Arabic Language Teacher Council (SCALTC) 

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Full Day Workshop


September 22th, 2019

10:00- 1:30 pm

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 Save the date for the following 2019- 2020 events:

State Wide Conference, Jan 19, 2020

Cultural Day : TBD

Webinar session 1: TBD

Webinar Session 2: TBD