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Second Annual State Wide Conference

  • Wyndham Anaheim Garden Grove 12021 Harbor Blvd Garden Grove, CA, 92840 United States (map)


Southern California Arabic Language Teacher Council (SCALTC) invites you to our Second Annual State Wide Conference!

All Arabic teachers K-16 and interested educators are invited to a day full of learning to enhance teaching of Arabic to all learners

Nationally Renowned Guest Speakers

Workshop1: Language for Language Teachers: The Case of Arabic                    اللغة العربية لمعلميها

Presented by: Dr. Mohammad Eissa

  Abstract: This presentation will raise the awareness of the teachers of Arabic as a foreign or second language (AF/SL) of the distinction between language as a means of communication and a subject matter. Teachers’ knowledge and proficiency in the subject matter is the first item in all standards for professional teachers’ preparation and development. The focus of this workshop will be Reviewing and refreshing acquired knowledge of Arabic language as a subject matter. We will address the basic aspects of Arabic linguistics that are most relevant to the contents we teach.             سوف نحاول في هذه الورشة التعرف على الفروق بين معرفة اللغة لأغراض التواصل ودراستها كمادة للدراسة أو البحث بالنسبة لمدرسي اللغة العربية كلغة ثانية أو أجنبية. تحرص معايير إعداد مدرسي اللغات وتطوير مهاراتهم على أن تكون المعرفة بموضوع اللغة/المادة التي يتأهل المدرس لتدريسها ومهارته في تطبيقها هي أول ما يجب توافره لمزاولة المهنة. وسوف تركز ورشة العمل هذه على مراجعة واستحضار معلوماتنا عن اللغة العربية باعتبارها مادة دراسة وبحث وليس كوسيلة للتواصل. سوف نراجع أهم المفاهيم اللغوية (من نحو وصرف ونظم كتابة الكلمات) المتعلقة مباشرة بما نقوم بتدريسه

Dr. Mohammad S. Eissa

  The President of EISSA & ASSOCIATES, Inc., specialized firm in Consulting and Educational services in the areas of Arabic/Islamic studies. He serves as an Associate member in the Centre of Middle Eastern Studies at University of Chicago. Dr. Eissa has been engaged in teaching and conducting research in the areas of Arabic language, literature, culture and Islamic studies at distinguished academic institutions in Egypt and USA. He has been actively engaged in innovative projects promoting Arabic and Islamic studies with special interests in research and teachers’ training. His focus is on fostering application of modern pedagogical methodologies and utilization of technology in teaching Arabic as a foreign/second language. He is continuing uninterrupted contribution to several other academic activities including promotion of contemporary Islamic thought, translation and editing of Islamic texts, conference panels presentations.  Dr. Eissa has received his basic elementary, secondary, undergraduate and graduate education at Al-Azhar Institutes and Al-Azhar University in Cairo, ending with Ph. D. degree (1978). Post graduate studies at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) culminated by obtaining C. Phil degree (1984).  He has acquired knowledge of special interest in numerous courses in the areas of second language acquisition; applied linguistics; curriculum & material design; and application of technology in teaching and research. Dr. Eissa is engaged with the Arab academic and professional communities at multiple levels. He dedicate portion of his time to serving in committees and grass-root activities to promote Arabic language & culture education at large.  


Workshop2: Activating Communication: Designing Learning and Integrating Technology

Presented by: Toni Teisen

Abstract: Our 21st century learners need a multi-sensory learning environment designed around authentic learning experiences that encourage collaboration, creativity and critical thinking, all essential 21st century skills.  So how can language learning be designed to be more meaningful and engaging? How can focusing lenses be used to shape the instruction of a thematic unit?  How can appropriate technology be integrated to support student learning? How can learning be differentiated to need the diverse needs of our students? During the workshop participants will first explore and create varied learning activities that can enhance communication in all three modes.

View presentation here

Toni Theisen

 The 2013 ACTFL President and the 2009 ACTFL Teacher of the Year, teaches French at Loveland High School in Loveland, Colorado where she is also the district WL Curriculum Representative.  Theisen is a National Board Certified Teacher with a M.A. in Foreign Language Teaching and a M. A. in Education of Diverse Learners. She is also a Google Certified teacher.Very active in the foreign language profession, Theisen has presented many workshops, keynotes and webinars for national, regional, and state conferences and has authored articles on Multiple Intelligences, Differentiated Instruction and Technology for the 21st century learner. Theisen presented “Activating Communication” as part of the first ACTFL Webinar series and also presented at the 2011 LARC STARTALK Institute at San Diego State University. Theisen has participated on many committees including the revision of the World Languages teacher standards for licensure.  She chaired the 2009 revision of the Colorado World Languages Academic Standards. She served on the committee for the National Board for Professional Teacher Standards in 2000 and was the co-chair for the revision committee of the NBPTS Teacher Standards for WLOE in 2009. Most recently she chaired the ACTFL 21st Century Skills Map committee in collaboration with the Partnership for 21st Century Learning. Theisen served as President of the Colorado Congress of Foreign Teachers in 1988-89. As an ACTFL Executive Board member from 2001-2005, Toni served as the program chair for the 2004 and 2005 conferences.  She was the Local Chair for the CSC, SWCOLT and CCFLT Joint Conference in 1988 and the Program Chair for the 1991 Central States Conference. Theisen has received many honors including the ACTFL Nelson Brooks Award for the Teaching of Culture, The Colorado Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, the SWCOLT Excellence in Teaching Award and the Genevieve Overman Memorial Service Award from the Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers.



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